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MGIS president Dr. Graham, is a fifty-plus year veteran of the Canadian investment industry, the co-author of two investment books (Portfolio First Aid and Financial First Aid for Canadians), an investment industry speaker and occasional guest on BNN and MoneyTalk.

Backed by 50-plus years of investment industry experience Michael produces customized presentations, a wide array of investment-related articles and two successful portfolios which he routinely re-balances and presents along with his latest best picks.

In these ways he helps subscribers to his MGIS services navigate the rocky - but worthwhile and essential -  waters of investing.

Michael Graham Investment Services Inc.

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Portfolio First Aid - 2005
Market fluctuations are a fact of life for all investors.  The challenge is to ensure our portfolios have the physical vitality to withstand the constant strain placed upon them by ever-changing markets.  Portfolio First Aid writes the prescriptions needed to heal all manner of investment injuries.  Suitable for all investors from the novice to the veteran, Portfolio First Aid provides a dose of clear, easy-to-follow preventive medicine to keep portfolios healthy and vibrant.

"We all make investment mistakes. Portfolio First Aid is packed with advice on how to avoid them - and with profit.  Eminently readable and practical, it is a prime and welcome addition tot he thoughtful investor's library."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

"The authors of Portfolio First Aid have taken the principles of investing, which are often presented in overly complex terms, and made them simple and actionable.  Moreover, they have done so in a highly engaging and entertaining style!  This book will be invaluable to investors and their portfolios, not just as first aid, but also as preventive medicine."

Financial First Aid for Canadian Investors - 2010
The financial meltdown has taken a severe toll on the finances of Canadians, and on their confidence in financial and investment advisors.  Canadians need help to learn how to diagnose what is the greatest threat to their long-term financial well-being and to follow a course of treatment to recover.

Financial First Aid for Canadian Investors is for all the battered and bloodied investors whose portfolios are in tatters and who lack direction about what to do next.  By examining the lessons to be learned from mistakes made in both good and bad markets, the authors address the common and recurring investment blunders they have witnessed over many years, and offer a clear prescription for how to repair wounded portfolios.

"I'd categorize Portfolio First Aid as a serious investment primer that has the laudable, if ambitious, goal of raising the sophistication level of the general public."


Portfolio First Aid has the right pedigree as an advice tome on healthy investing.  Covers the bases of portfolio balance, building wealth, investing for income and managing risk.."

The Edmonton Journal


Tel: 1 888 360-7538

Jonathan Chevreau,

Financial Post

In a world of turbulent markets and ever-increasing investment complexity, independent investors can count on Michael's over 50 years of investment industry experience to deliver solid advice and unwavering standards.

MGIS is an independent consulting firm that does not represent any financial products and can therefore be relied on to make judgments based solely on merit.

Our model dividend and equity portfolios (6-Paks), established in 2004/5, have beaten the industry benchmark TSX 11 out of 12 years.  Our 6-Paks are  routinely re-balanced and augmented with superior Canadian picks delivered right to our subscribers In Box.

Successful investment demands constant research and re-balancing.  If you don't have the time or the expertise to do it yourself let MGIS do it for you

The fact that MGIS stock picks have consistently beaten the industry standard isn't surprising given the 50-plus years of experience its president Michael Graham has.

Want to manage your own portfolio but you don't have the time to do the necessary research?  Subscribe to MGIS  and receive regular stock picks, sample portfolios, re-balancing and experienced analysis!



  • MGIS 6-Pak stock picks established in 2004 have consistently delivered superior performance (see the chart on the right).  Both the equity and dividend 6-Paks are routinely re-balanced for you in our subscriber letters.

  • MGIS is an independent counseling firm making unbiased recommendations based on over 50 years of experience and proven investment judgement. 

  • re-balancing and new stock picks are researched and analyzed by a 50 plus year Bay Street veteran whose judgement you can trust.

  • investment demands constant research and expert analysis.  If you want to do it yourself but don't have the time or the expertise,let MGIS do it for you.