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The Michael Graham Investment Services (MGIS) Letter is a Canadian newsletter dedicated to providing expert analysis, superior returns and unbiased stock picks.   Read by market analysts, fund managers, investment advisers and high net worth investors the MGIS Letter is a winning combination of expertise and experience.

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Expertise – Dr. Michael Graham has a Ph.D. in economics and is a 50 plus year veteran of Bay Street who is called upon to deliver Investment Company team presentation, BNN interviews and advice to investment groups and individuals alike.

Superior stock picks – an annual world ranking Canadian Top "30" stocks picks, energy and related Canadian recommendations and two mini-portfolios (6-Paks) created for MGIS Letter subscribers these two portfolios have beaten the TSX benchmarks nine times out of ten.  

Proven investment strategy – like Warren Buffett, Michael Graham trusts the tried and true investment wisdom of legendary Sir John Templeton and Benjamin Graham focusing on the value approach to investing that has worked for him over the last 50 plus years.

A voice of reason in times of panic – Michael’s notorious optimism has proven well founded over the years.  Get the facts  not the hype.

Unbiased advice – unlike investment companies that manage people portfolios for them, Michael does not have a company product (read stock) to push.  Nor does he make money every time he buys or sells stocks for your portfolio.  Michael’s sole mandate is to provide his subscribers with actionable and winning advice.

 Subscribe today and get the advice of an expert, winning stock picks and two successful portfolios.  Successful investment demands constant research and re-balancing.  If you don't have the time or the expertise to do it yourself let MGIS do it for you.

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Michael R. Graham Pd.D. is a fifty-plus year veteran of the Canadian investment industry, the co-author of two investment books (Portfolio First Aid and Financial First Aid for Canadians), an investment industry speaker and frequent guest on BNN and Money Talk. 

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