Assessments and new stock picks are researched and analysed  by a highly-respected Bay Street veteran of 60 years with an exemplary record of judgement  and trust.



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MGIS is an independent investment counselling firm not representing or in contact with financial institutions and wealth managers.  It can therefore be relied on to make arm's length judgements and recommendations based solely on merit.

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  • Stock picks with winning record

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Successful investing demands ongoing research and expert analysis.  Get proven expertise and guidance by subscribing to the MGIS Investment Letter today!

In 2005-06 Michael introduced a distinctive 6-Pak approach for superior Canadian investing in the form of packages of a  half  dozen carefully-selected, evenly-balanced Canadian stocks.  In 2021 the Equity 6-Pak was expanded to a 12-Pak.   Its rules include mandatory re-balancing to keep individual dollar holdings in line,  combined with rigorous 3-D benchmarks of Discipline, Diversification, and Dividends.

Changes are infrequent in an approach aimed at superior long-term investment return - the Canadian Equity 6-Pak is focused on capital appreciation, the Canadian Dividend 6-Pak on safe and rising dividend income.  The annual and cumulative total returns on each are summarized below.

Also included in the MGIS Newsletter is a Proactive List of superior Canadian picks and analysis.


THE MGIS ADVANTAGE  Michael's Canadian, U.S. and widely-assorted international contacts enable him to stay in touch with investment professionals in Canada, the U.S., and globally.  In turn, this enhances the universe he has to draw upon in his Investment Letter to MGIS subscribers.  


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In a world of disruption, market extremes, and ever-increasing complexity, investors can count on MGIS's vast investment industry experience to deliver solid advice combining sound fundamentals with proven and unwavering standards.



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  12-Pak Growth

on an initial 100

  •     Equity - 289
  •     Dividend - 448

  * expanded to a 12-Pak April 2021

  • The MGIS Investment Newsletter - is dedicated to providing expert advice to the widest range of investors.  It includes a distinctive Canadian Equity 12-Pak and a Dividend 6-Pak, an ongoing Proactive List, an overview commentary, and Canadian-focused recommendations

  • Action Alerts - as warranted, comments on current market conditions and influencers

  • Consulting  - to fit individualized subscriber needs


  • Expert Advice - to investors of all types

  • Trust - that essential investment ingredient, backed by experienced, unwavering investment standards

  • The MGIS Investment Newsletter - Includes distinctive Canadian Equity and Dividend 6-Paks - the former now expanded to a broadened Canadian Equity 12-Pak.  In addition are an ongoing Proactive List of companies that cannot be in the Equity 12-Pak or Dividend 6-Pak and Canadian-focused recommendations as part of the Newsletter commentaries.


     His wide-ranging contacts provide Dr. Graham with access to business, corporate, and investment professionals across Canada, as well as globally.  In turn, this enhances 

     the breadth and diversity of the MGIS Investment Letters, witnessed by its: 

                      *  Convenience and time-saving - in providing insightful access to the research and analysis that successful investing demands

                      *   Proven track record - witnessed by the distinctive MGIS Canadian Equity and Dividend 6-Paks and Proactive Lists

                      *  Investment strategy recommendations backed by a proven record 

                      *  Unbiased Advice - with arm's-length independence free of outside linkages

                       *  Trust - that essential investment ingredient,  backed by experienced, unwavering investment standards.