Michael Graham Investment Services

Michael Graham Investment Services Inc. is a Canadian-focused investment counsellor providing arm's-length commentary and investment advice to the widest array of investors - retail, institutional, Canadian, American, and international.

 Michael Graham (Ph.D., London: B. Comm., Cape Town), its president, is a veteran of close to six decades in the Canadian investment industry.  A career dating back to 1962 has seen him occupy senior research, strategy, and sales support positions at leading Canadian investment firms.  In 1998, he co-launched Michael Graham Inc. which transitioned into Heathbridge Capital Management Inc., now a prestigious Canadian wealth manager.  In 2007, he formed his own late-career investment counselling firm, Michael Graham Investment Services Inc., to provide wide-ranging overview advice and counselling on a fee for service basis.

Additionally, Dr. Graham was a pioneer in Canadian investment research, dating back to its roots in the early-1960s.  He also  helped pioneer international investment research which has grown into the worldwide CFA Institute of which he remains a loyal member.​



Michael R. Graham, Ph. D.

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