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2020-23 Articles



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The investor challenge created by the pandemic, a contested American election,  and looming inflation are all addressed from Michael's uniquely Canadian perspective.

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Jan:             New Normal, Geopolitics, Investment

Feb:            A "Non-consensus" Canada's Time and Turn

                    - Canadian 6-Pak Rebalancing and Related

Mar:           Blindsided

                    - And Now the Three Pans

Jun:            Silver Innings / New Beginnings

Jul:             Coronavirus Reflections

                   - Corona's Letter to Humanity

                   - Canadian Equity & Dividend 6-Paks,


Sept:          Pictures at a 2020 Exhibition

Oct:            Counting Down to a Grand Finale

Nov:           "Hanging Breathless on America"

Jan:              As Goes January...

Feb:             February and Gathering Recovery

Spring:        A Pandemic Transformation (pictorial)

Apr:             From 6-Pk to 12-Pak

Apr:             A Landmark 2021 Federal Budget

                     (published as an Action Alert)

May:            Berkshire Hathaway circa 2021

                     Changing, Ageless, Infinitely valuable

Jun:              Berkshire Hathaway Circa 2021

                      Summarizing & Adding Up the Parts

Jun:              Partnership and Trust

                      (guest-written for the Knowledge Bureau)

Summer:     Stock Market Conundrum

                       Delta Variant, Unshackled Interest Rates,

                       escaping inflation?

Sept. 2021    Storm Season Circa 2021

                       Protracted and Extraordinary

Nov. 2021     Canada in international 2021-22 

                        Perspective (pictorial)  

Oct. 2021      The Beat Goes On

                        It never Stops

Oct. 2021       Canada's Unwanted Election

Jan. 2022        MGIS 2021 Report Card

Feb. 2022       The Pandemic and the Tiger

                         With their tightening yet widening


April 2022       Epic Blindside Opportunities

                          For Canada and Canadian Investors

June 2022        A Canadian-Focused Course

                          Supply chain disruption, depletion and


June 2022        Shook-up Elvis Update

                           In markets in which to review and 


July 2022          2022 At  the Halfway Mark

July  2022         Canada at 150+5

                           Opportunity as never before

Aug. 2022          Rebalance and Stay Invested

​Sept. 2022        Storm Season Extraordinary 

​Oct. 2022          More Roil Less REcession...

​Nov. 2022        Roil Market Drivers

Dec. 2022         MGIS  Approach to 2023

​Jan. 2023          Canada's Time, Canada's Turn

Mar. 2023        March Article in Pictures

​Mar. 2023         Stop the Press Updates

​April 2023        Stop the World