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Re-balancing and new stock picks are researched and analyzed by a respected Bay Street veteran of close to 60 years, whose exemplary record and judgment you can trust.

Unbiased Advice

MGIS is an independent investment counselling firm that does not represent any financial institutions or products and can therefore be relied on to make arm's-length judgements and recommendations based solely on merit.


In a world of disruption, turbulent markets, and ever-increasing investment complexity, investors can count on Michael's deep investment industry experience to deliver solid advice based on proven and unwavering standards.


                         Michael Graham Investment Services

​​What is the MGIS Investment Letter?

The MGIS Letter is dedicated to providing expert advice to the widest range of investors.  It does so through distinctive Canadian Equity and Dividend 6-Paks, an ongoing Proactive List and an expert overview of market conditions and individual stocks.



A PROVEN path to building investment wealth.



Michael Graham Investment Services Inc. is a Canadian-focused investment counsellor providing arm's-length overview commentary and investment advice to a wide array of investors - retail and institutional, Canadian, U.S. and international.

 Dr Michael Graham (Ph.D, London: B. Comm., Cape Town), its president, is a veteran of close to six decades in the Canadian investment industry.  Since 1962 he has occupied senior research, strategy and sales-support positions at leading Canadian investment firms.  In 1998 he co-launched what was to grow into a prestigious Canadian wealth manager.   In 2007 he formed his own late-career investment counselling firm, Michael Graham Investment Services Inc., to provide assorted overview advice on a fee-for-service basis.

Dr. Graham was also an original in Canadian investment research dating back to its roots in the early-1960s.  As well he was a pioneer in international investment research which grew to become the worldwide CFA Institute of which he remains a loyal member.​


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The investor challenge created by the pandemic is addressed in:  "And Now the Three Pans".  If you would like a FREE introductory copy just fill in the form below.

An MGIS cornerstone is its Investment Letter - usually by email -  with a commitment of at least six times annually to three categories of subscribers: Its goal - to provide experienced commentary and recommendations on the widest range of investment-related topics.

In addition, the MGIS Investment Letter focuses predominantly on Canada, including the widest range of world-class Canadian investment selections.  In 2020 the breadth of topics covered is reflected in their themes and titles: Type your paragraph here.

​           Jan:  - New Normal, Geopolitics, Investment

 Feb: - A "Non-consensus" Canada's Time and Turn
                     - Canadian 6-Pak Rebalancing and Related

 Mar:  - Blindsided
                     -  And Now the Three Pans - Pandemic, Pandemonium, Panic

 Jun: - Silver Linings/ New Beginnings
                    - Out of Worldwide Tumult

  Jul:- Coronavirus Reflections
                  - Coronona's Letter to Humanity
                  - Canadian Equity & Dividend 6 Paks
                  - Rebalanced as Value Mounts a Comeback

           Sept:- Pictures at a 2020 Exhibition

​The MGIS Investment Letter includes regular updating of its distinctive and superior long-term Canadian Equity and Dividend 6-Paks, along with its Proactive List of potentially attractive and investable stocks.

Also to be noted is Michael's unique understanding of Berkshire Hathaway, having attended over 20 of its one-of-a-kind annual meetings over  the past 25 years: Hence, his attendance of the virtual 2020 annual meeting was followed by:

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (and its True Value)

  • Buffett: Never Bet Against America


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Proven Track Record

MGIS 6-Pak portfolios, formally launched in 2006, have consistently delivered superior performance.  Both the Canadian Equity and Dividend 6-Paks are routinely re-balanced and flagged for you in our subscriber investment letters.

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His wide ranging contacts provide Dr. Graham with access to business and investment professionals across Canada, as well as globally.  In turn, this enhances the breadth and diversity of his Investment Letters, witnessed by its: 

  • Convenience and time-saving - in gaining insightful access to the research and analysis that successful investing demands.
  • Proven track record - witnessed by his distinctive MGIS Canadian Equity and Dividend 6-Paks, and Proactive Lists
  • Investment strategy recommendations backed by a distinguished record 
  • Unbiased Advice - with arm's-length independence free of outside linkages
  • Trust - that essential investment ingredient, in this case backed by experienced unwavering investment standards.



The MGIS Investment Letter

Six plus investment letters annually include stock picks, re-balancing of the MGIS 6-Paks, and in-depth Canadian investment analysis.

Industry Presentations

Customized presentations for investment professionals, their teams, and/or their clients.

Investment Advice

Aimed at guiding investors of all types with investment choices and expert advice on a one-to-one basis.

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  • Stock picks with winning record

  • Regular 6-Pak Re-balancing

  • Expert business & market analysis

  • Ongoing stock picks

​​​​​In 2005, Michael and Bryan Snelson co-authored Portfolio First Aid, followed in 2009 by Financial First Aid in 2009, both published by John Wiley & Sons Canada Ltd. 

 Endorsements among many included:

               John Crow, former Governor of the Bank of Canada, "We all make investment mistakes, Portfolio First Aid is packed with advice

               on how to avoid them - and profit":

               David Denison, President and Chief Executive Officer, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board": Portfolio First Aid takes 

               principles of investing, and makes them simple and actionable - in a highly engaging and entertaining style?  This book will be

               invaluable to investors and their portfolios, not just as first aid, but also as preventive medicine."

               In April 2020, Brian Aspinall, a retired IBM Canada executive, wrote: "After exhausting the stack of books I borrowed from the                      library before the closedown, I started to read those on my bookshelf, including your book Portfolio First Aid.  It was a good

               refresher, and although some things have changed since you wrote it, many have not.  It stands the test of time well."